comparing the numbers

Gepubliceerd op 19 september 2018 om 20:40

As you might know, I have a special interest in the 2nd World War. This by trying to understand what happened near my hometown Gennep. I like to know who are buried here, help the families left behind and spread the information. But also I like to understand the bigger picture on why it happened and what the impact of the war was and is.

About 550.000 men of the Commonwealth were killed during WW2, roughly between 1939 and 1947. An enormous amount of lives just gone and even more lives devastated by the sheer loss of loved ones. This loss is still felt now. I am grateful having the abilities to ease the pain a bit and keep on remembering these heroes who gave their lives, so I can live in safety.

Worldwide, about 510.000 men lose their battle and commit suicide every year. It is about the same number as just mentioned above. EVERY SINGLE YEAR! To me it is a staggering amount. So many men who didn't feel that they’re worth the air they breathe, didn't feel the love there was and the privilege just to be alive. So many men who ran into phycological problem because of PTSS, abuse in the youth, current abuse, neglected and lack of being loved, or whatever the reason or main cause.

Who can help them, who could have helped them, could they all have been saved? I doubt it. Sometimes problems are larger then all love (and skills) in live can concur. But many could have been saved. By having secure bases, they can trust, can help them, by friends who have an open ear and eye to possible problems, by talking about it, by asking hard questions. That feeling helpless and empty and talking about it, is not a sign weakness, but a sign of strength. It is not strange to say: “help me, I can't do it alone”.

For that cause I am going to ride the DGR at the 30th of September. If I, by doing so, can save one man, help to open his eyes and feelings, I would feel very content. By sponsoring me you can help too. By talking about what I wrote about, maybe even more. So, help in any way you

feel fits your way.

Greetings Paul