Getting ready for the ride

Gepubliceerd op 16 september 2018 om 11:39

Going to ride the Gentlemens Ride requires some preparation, at least for me… 😊. First, since I ride my Street Triple a fair bit, I needed a new front tyre. For some reason, the rear tyre seems to last longer. And yes I am a careful rider. Where else to change this than at Brabant Motors.

Second stop for the day, JR Schoen- en zeilmakerij. Former co-worker Roel and his loved one Joy are having a shop in Venray. My Bommel-shoes are the ones I like best. But also shoes need maintenance when you like to look well, don’t you? Got some maintenance product to polish and nourish the shoes. Always a nice place to be. Just check out what they do:  No webshop, just real contact and attention!


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