Getting physically ready for the rides.

Gepubliceerd op 16 mei 2018 om 20:56

The one challenge of the 50 I longed for to fulfill was the challenge for the SS1000, the 1000 miles in 24 hours. Also, there were others that would make into nice tours, day or weekend trips. The point was looking over my shoulder was getting harder, and my arms were getting heavy after 8 hours of riding.  Is it safe to ride those long distances and hours? I thought I was getting too old for those rides.

I am not the one for massage, physiotherapy and all those things. I met Juliette (via Bianca) from Balancelife near Groesbeek. I appeared to be THE person to undergo the Guasha therapy. A treatment that in short scrapes the grain of sand (stagnations), that blocks the flow “Qi” and blood, out of the way. Scraping is done by a jade stone and oil to protect the skin.

Initially I noticed that there were a lot of grains in my muscles and tissue, and yes it did hurt. But it was needed she said, there were a lot of old blockages to take care of. Just like doing more than just routine maintenance on a neglected motorbike…. (the photo that goes with this article was the result after this treatment. Most red spots are blockage of the “Qi”). After the first treatment I didn’t think much of it. What could be expected after one treatment? Driving home I realized I could see through my rear window when I turned my head, never thought that was possible. WHAT!

In April I rode the test run for the real SS1000 short after the first treatment and physically I was easily able to ride this distance.

Now after 3 treatment, and less battered body, my mobility has improved. I can watch over my shoulders much better, taking care of those crazy car and van drivers. My shoulders and neck are not hurting after a good ride, and I stay much fresher. This is going to be some year.

So when I am able to ride those important challenges and create the awareness that way, it is due to Juliette and Guasha. Like to know more about Guasha? Get into contact with Juliette via: and yes English is no problem for her.