The Liberation of Gennep

Start: Gennep

Date: TBD

  • Held around the 11th of February.
  • This tour will focus on the liberation of Gennep. We will join the remembrance ceremonies at the Gennep bridge, the one on the cemetery and we will drive along some important and decisive points.
  • Duration: about 4 hours.
  • Costs: €15,- per person
  • Maximum participants: 8

Remembrance Run, for British Bike enthousiasts 

Start: TBD

Date: TBD

  • Held around the 4th of May
  • Special for British Bike enthousiast and their friends. We will be building bridges. We'll start at Brabant Motors, keen supporter of the Remembrance Run. We will visit special places in relation to Operation Veritable or Operation Market Garden.
  • This is a whole day event.
  • Costs: €5,- per bike
  • Maximum participants: no max. 


Remembrance Sunday Special

Start: Gennep

Date: TBD

  • Held on Remembrance Sunday 
  • For the Remembrance Sunday Special we will travel to a war cemetery where we will join a ceremony. After this we will travel along some important routes of either Operation Market Garden or Operation Veritable. We will stop at some points where I will tell some stories.
  • Duration of the tour: about 4 hours.
  • Costs: €12,50. (including a poppy cross)
  • Maximum participants: 8

Volkstrauertag Special

Start: Gennep

Date: TBD

  • Held on the German Vokstrauertag 
  • For the Vokstrauertag Special we will travel along German War Cemeteries on the Niederrhein and if possible join a ceremonie. I will tell some about the background of the cemetery and also look things maybe from a different perspective. And glorifying war or the regime is not one of them, let that be clear.
  • Duration of the tour: about 4 hours.
  • Costs: €12,50.
  • Maximum participants: 8

Somme - Ypres tour, in the trail of Oswald Davis.

At lot happened in the Somme and around Ypres, too much to tell in a few day. That is the reason why the personal diary of Oswald Davis will be our guide. Oswald was a Despatch Rider and in support of the Australian and the New Zealand Forces. He was in in the Somme and around Ypres from July 1916 till Armistice. Later he was in Germany untill 1919, before he was demobbed and went home to support his family. 

We will follow his trail and visit all the important places on the Somme and around Ypres. Just join me in this special ride. This ride is possible with the kind support of Philip Holdway-Davis, greatcousin of Oswald. 

  • Start: Albert, north France
  • Date: To be determined
  • Costs: €200,- (guide only, no accomodation nor food, the war diary of Oswald included)
  • Minimum: 4 and maximum of 8 participants 

Market Garde - From Groesbeek to Oosterbeek

Market Garden marked the area. From the 17th of September till the 26th of September a lot happened. Bravery, dispair, misery, stories that ended here and some that will be told forever.

Ride with me along the beautiful and storyfull roads. Where the 82nd AA dropped and fought, where gliders landed, where men fought there bitter fights and where they rest now. 

Start: Milsbeek

Date: TBD

Duration: 6 hours 

Costs: €30,- per bike

Minimum: 4 and maximum of 8 participants 

What is included?

  • Me as a guide, I know the area well, I have stories to tell about the soldiers or relatives, I will show you where to look.
  • Usually a global map of the route we are riding with a summary of events.

What is not included?

  • Transport: you will ride your own motorbike.
  • Lunch, coffee, tea, etc. (we will have stops for coffee, tea or lunch)
  • Accomodation (of course I am able to share some great places to stay)

You like to join a tour?

Please contact me when you want to join a tour, alone or with a group. When less then 4 riders make a reservation for a tour, I will leave the option open to cancel the tour. In general your place in the tour can be booked upto two days in advance of the tour, unless stated otherwise.