Day tours, pick your own

A tour can be booked for a group of riders. We can set a date and meeting place together and I can adapt the tour to your request. There is an option for a long or a short tour, depending on the time you'd like to spend.   

Ride Short Long
Costs € 15,- € 30,-
Cemeteries 1 2
Special Stops 1 2
Length 60 km / 3 hours 90 km / 6 hours

What is included?

  • Me as a guide, I know the area well, I have stories to tell about the soldiers or relatives, I will show you where to look.
  • A global map of the route we are riding with a summary of events.

What is not included?

  • Transport: you will ride your own motorbike.
  • Lunch, coffee, tea, etc. (we will have stops for coffee, tea or lunch)
  • Accomodation (of course I am able to share some information about great places to stay)

You like to book a tour?

Please contact me when you want to book a tour with a group. A tour can be booked with a minimum of 4 riders.